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Quincy and Hallie's babies have all joined their forever families

We are anticipating our next litter to be in a couple of years with Quincy and Hallie's daughter, Piper (fka Checkers), assuming she matures as nicely as we think she will. 


Our beloved 2020 babies were Hallie's final litter.  She'll be concentrating on training, competing and just being our beloved bestie.  Cindy's girl Katie has also been retired.

You can see pictures of our 2020 babies here.  You can also see more of Hallie's 2017 kids on our Past Puppies page  (Still a work in progress!) and videos of them on our Raising Puppies page


There is a lot of early interest in Piper's future kiddos, so please let us know if you are interested in a new best friend down the road by filling out our Questionnaire.

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