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Tricks and Treats


Welcome to our beginning tricks class where we not only disagree with the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, we’re ready to debunk it altogether.    While dogs of any age can learn, we do believe the more you train with your dog, the quicker they pick up new behaviors.  We also believe that the more fun you are having in training, the more you’ll both enjoy and stick with it.  So in the spirit of enjoying your four-legged bestie, we are offering Tricks and Treats.



  • Puppy K and/or Beginning/Junior obedience

  • Your dog must work well alongside others.  Dogs in class should not be interacting, however, they should be able to focus and work with their owners with appropriate distance between them and other dogs without becoming reactive.   No visiting in class!  But if you think your dog would love to play in a controlled setting, talk to Connie about her daycare!

  • A junior owner must be accompanied and assisted by a parent/guardian


What to bring:

  • Collar and leash

  • Clicker (or your chosen marker word)

  • A variety of high-value treats  (string cheese may be helpful for some of the tricks that require your dog to hold a position)

  • Toy/tug if that is what your dog prefers as a reward


What will we be learning?

  • Let’s Get Started – Week 1 – Introductions, offering (and CATCHING!) behaviors, when an alternate is better than what you’d asked for.  Keeping it FUN

    • Hand targeting, roll it out, shake, high five, wave


  • Happy Feet – Week 2

    •  Wait, foot touch, dig, paws up



  • Turning Tricks – Week 3

    •  Spin/Turn, roll over, go around, take a bow


  • IQ(ute)  – Week 4

    • Move to the side, back up, Play the piano/tap the light/easy button


  • Heads Up  – Week 5

    • Head down, hide your eyes, soccer, cross your paws


  • Watch me now!  – Week 6

    • Say your prayers, Nod head/say yes, Put it away/beginning basketball

Please send me an email at or fill out the form below if you are interested in our Tricks Class.

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